A decision to build a peat factory "Starobinsky" was determined by the need to provide fuel to the economy and the population of Soligorsk and Soligorsk as well as part of the Luban, Slutsk and Kopyl regions. The design task for its construction was compiled and issued by the design and technological and design and research institute "Belgiprotorf" of the management of the peat industry of the BSSR on the basis of task No. 11/65 approved by the Council of National Economy and agreed upon with the State Planning Committee of the BSSR on March 12, 1965 and the title list for design and survey work approved by the USSR State Construction Committee on January 30, 1965 by letter No. AE-419 / 13-670. Peat accumulations "Grichino-Starobinsky", "Kievets" and "Velichkovichskoye" located in Soligorsk, Lyuban and Luninets regions of Minsk and Brest regions were to become the raw material base of the peat factory.

In 1968 the plant management was established which coordinated and controlled additional exploration of the construction of the raw materials base and approach roads.

 The plant entered in the commercial exploitation on July 7, 1977. This date is the birthday of the factory. In the first year of work the collective of the plant produced 46.9 thousand tons of briquettes- it’s a 117 percent of the planned task. The plan for gross output was fulfilled at 108.8, the volume of sales - by 118.5, labor productivity by 111.2 percent.

For two years of the tenth five-year plan for the production of gross output the plant fulfilled by 108, the sales   volume by 124 percent. This became the basis for awarding the plant’s staff for success in the socialist competition of the Red Banner of the Central Committee of the CPB, the Council of Ministers of the BSSR and Belsovprof in 1977 and the same award of the CPSU Central Committee, the USSR Council of Ministers and the AUCCTU in 1978.

 On the basis of the All-Union Socialist Competition for 1979 the team was awarded a diploma of the second degree. For the achievements in the socialist competition the staff of the plant was awarded the "Memorable Sign" in 1985, in 1984, 1986 and 1988 - by the Red Banner of the CPSU Central Committee, the USSR Council of Ministers and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, twice on the Honors Board of VDNKH of the USSR and five times was awarded diplomas of this prestigious exhibition in those years.

Starobinsky peat briquettes, despite the presence of local peat factories, there are 22 factories in the Republic, consumers willingly buy from the all corners of the republic. In 1998 for high achievements, the coordinating committee of the “Partnership for Progress” program awarded the plant with the Golden Mercury prize.

In November 2003 Starobinskyj torfobriketnyj zavod began to export its products to Sweden.

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