The Starobin peat briquette facility was to support local industries and households with fuel. The project was launched back in 1965.

   It was estimated that the natural resource portfolio for the facility would be Hryčna-Starobin, Kijavec and Vialičkovičy deposits in Salihorsk, Liuban and Luniniec districts.

   In 1968, the Directorate of the plant started to coordinate exploration of the raw material deposits and construction of access roads. The plant started production on July 7, 1977. This is the official company's birthday. In the first year of operation, the plant produced 46.9 thousand tons of briquettes – 117 percent of the planned target.

   The staff of the plant was repeatedly honoured with top state awards in the Soviet times.

   There are 22 peat briquette facilities in different location in Belarus. Still, peat briquettes from Starobin sell well all over the country. In 1998, the plant was awarded the Golden mercury prize by the coordinating Committee of the Partnership for progress Program.

   In November 2003, Starobin peat briquette plant started exporting its products to Sweden. In 2017, our company started exporting to the Russian Federation, the Republic of Poland and Ukraine.

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