The Slutsk branch was formed by reorganizing the factories of the fuel industry of the Republic of Belarus in 2009 from the formerly independent peat factory “Slutskoye”, Slutsk region. The main products are: peat briquettes and peat for agriculture. Raw materials base of branch “Ptich” is situated in the area of Slutsky, Uzdensky and Pukhovichi region. Products that the company producing are green-labelled as raw materials base is occurred to be out of the area polluted by Chernobyl NPP accident.

Peat briquettes have a high calorific value which is equivalent to low-quality brown coal. The duration of combustion and heat transfer in combustion plants is in 2-3 times higher than using firewood. So maintaining the required temperature significantly increases in time. Ash-content is low(8-15%), high degree of decomposition(30-40%) and low-lying type of  accumulation provide good compression and mechanical resistance, resistance to crumbling if necessary loading and reloading of briquettes.

Qualitative characteristics of briquettes:

Size is 40 x65-70 x 180 (mm), moisture is 20%, ash-content is 8-15%, mechanical resistance is 95-97%, minor content up to 6%, calorific value is 3400-3700 kcal / kg. Annual production is up to 20 thousand tons. The factory sells products in the Minsk region. The factory has an opportunity to transfer peat briquettes by road (self-delivery and centralized).

Milled peat for composting is the most affordable, cheap, harmless component to any kind of soil for increasing fertility. The most effective use of it is as compost. Work on the logging of milling peat for composting and high-bog peat is organized by reservation.

 Address of the Slutsk branch of OAO “Starobinskyj TBZ”: 223644 Minsk region, Slutsk region, Gatsuk village telephone: 801795-74349.

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